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BCG Launches New Video Series With Insights for Marketers

In our new video series Thoughts from the Greenhouse, available on YouTube, the Partners at Brick City Greenhouse share their thoughts on a variety of topics pertinent to pharma marketers. Episodes will cover a range of common concerns and will be released monthly.

Fred Kinch, Ashley Schofield, and Renée Wills bring their decades of experience to this roundtable-style discussion as they address key points about collaborating with a pharmaceutical marketing or advertising agency, and how to make this marketer/agency relationship productive.

The first episode (available above and on our YouTube channel) offers an inside scoop on how to prevent your agency from wasting your marketing budget, and how to work more efficiently with your agency to avoid spending unnecessary funds. Fred, Ashley, and Renée discuss common pitfalls in collaborating with marketing agencies, and how to navigate these snags along the way. They also examine how marketers can set expectations with their agencies so they can best manage their expenses. Seasoned marketing professionals, as well as those bringing products to launch for the first time, can benefit from the practical advice and insider tips from this agency point of view.