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Let Creativity Flow

Episode 3 of Thoughts from the Greenhouse (TFG) focuses on how pharma and biotech marketers can get the best creative work from their agencies. Fred Kinch, Ashley Schofield, and Renée Wills walk through the creative process, from creating briefs to creative reviews to concept testing and beyond.

An excellent creative brief starts this process off with a bang. This step is the best opportunity to make sure you, as a marketer, and your agency have a meeting of the minds about the direction of the campaign.

Your agency should understand that the creative process is collaborative and iterative, and they should welcome your engagement with concepts during reviews. Creatives value your careful consideration and straightforward feedback. Working closely with agency partners allows the potential for amazing creative output.

Tune in to TFG, Episode 3 for more tips and examples on how to help inspire strong creative work that supports your marketing goals.